Cornwall’s geothermal warders on show

Cornwall’s geothermal warders on show

A group of South Korean students visited a Cornish academy last week as part of an international programme.

Camborne Science and International Academy (CSIA) hosted guests from The Korea Science Academy of KAIST, based in Busan, who stayed with local families for 10 days.

They participated in various cultural and scientific activities, such as excursions to a Genetics in Conservation Workshop at the University of Exeter.

Local students also showed off Cornwall’s underground geothermal properties on a trip to the famous Rosemanowes quarry.

Kelly Hendrick, acting deputy of science and outreach facilitator at CSIA, said: “With South Korea being at the forefront of scientific and technological advancement, our visitors were overwhelmed with the possibilities that Cornwall has to offer . . . in terms of renewable energy and limiting carbon emissions.”

CISA will next host an international exchange trip with students from Singapore.

Main pic: Peter Ledingham, Director at Geothermal Engineering Ltd pumping water into a borehole at Rosemanowes