The Regional Schools Commissioners and their regions

Over eight weeks we have profiled each of the eight regional schools commissioner (RSC) regions.

RSCs are the government’s ‘middle tier’, introduced as a new layer between individual academy schools and trusts in England, and the Department for Education. Announced in December last year, RSCs have a remit of monitoring the performance of the academies in their area, making recommendations on free school applications and of supporting academisation. Each RSC will be supported by a headteacher board, made up of elected, appointed and co-opted members.

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Martin Post,  south central England and north west London

Sir David Carter, south-west England

Dr Tim Coulson, east of England and north east London

Janet Renou, North

Dominic Herrington, south-east England and south London

Pank Patel, West Midlands

Paul Smith, Lancashire and West Yorkshire

Jenny Bexon-Smith, east Midlands and Humber

RSC_list-17-11-14 RSC_map-17-11-14